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Rally Podlaski


For the first time, the fastest Lithuanian and foreign virtual rally masters will be invited to the wooded and sandy region of Białystok. The first challenges await here – insidious Polish gravel roads will require maximum concentration from participants of the championship.


Rally Žemaitija


Participants of this series often name this event as one of the most difficult rallies in the season calendar. Fast, flowing and wide gravel roads of Žemaitija will leave no doubt that the annual event in the Kelmė region is particularly distinctive.


Rally Viekšniai


Event, which debuted in the championship calendar last year in the depths of Žemaitija region, surprised all participants with its extremely fast tracks. However, this year this event will announce the beginning of the Lithuanian rally summer season.


Rally Rokiškis


The second part of 2022 season it will start with Rally Rokiškis, which is being organised in this championship for the fourth time. On the these roads you can find almost everything that the other rallies have. It is the main reason why participants have been calling this rally “Hell of Rokiškis” for many years.


Rally Elektrėnai


This rally, which has been taking place for many years among the largest Lithuanian cities, is associated with the legendary special stages used in the last century. Technical tracks can present challenges and surprises to participants of this event.


Rally Utena


This event goes to the neighboring town of Utena this year and change its name to “Rally Utena”. The fastest Lithuanian virtual rally masters of the 2022 season will be revealed on these interesting and long-unseen special stages.


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