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In 2019 season, in cooperation with the Lithuanian Automobile Sport Federation (LASF), the virtual Lithuanian Rally Championship e-LARC was launched, with Skuba becoming the title partner. This was a very important step in terms of electronic sports recognition as it was the world’s first national open rally e-championship.

In the debut of official championship, 292 participants from more than 25 countries competed in nine classifications. Like the Lithuanian Automobile Rally Championship (LARC), e-LARC consisted of six events, dedicated for Utena, Kelmė, Mikolajki (Poland), Elektrėnai, Rokiškis and Druskininkai. Every event started more than a week before, and for the convenience of the participants, they had six days to record the result.

2019 results


The second season of the virtual Lithuanian Automobile Rally Championship e-LARC was not hindered by the global COVID-19 pandemic that started at the beginning of the year. The 2020 season was marked by unprecedented competition between 358 participants from 28 countries around the world in six different classifications. Regular participants of the WRC, ERC, LARČ, LARSČ and LMRČ series could be met among the participants too.

Unlike the Lithuanian Automobile Rally Championship (LARC), the virtual championship season consisted of 6 event, which were dedicated to real, but this year canceled winter rallies in Utena and Gulbene (Latvia) and gravel stages in Kelmė, Rokiškis, Elektrėnai and Zarasai. It is important to mention that there were 5 different participants won of events. As usual, events started more than a week before real event started. In the last event of Zarasai, the coefficient of 1.5 points was applied to the participants, and summing up all the points collected in the championship, the substracting one worst result rule was applied.

2020 results


The third season of the Lithuanian Automobile Rally e-Championship was the shortest of all. For the first time, championship did not have any winter event. Registration for the championship began on April 20th. On the same day, organizers of this project presented an updated logo of the championship and announced the cooperation with the new name partner – Atlantis Games. On April 27th, another news of the season was presented – the new ambassadors of “Atlantis Games e-LARC ” decided to represent this championship: Nikolay Gryazin, Vladas Jurkevičius and Aras Kalėda.

This year’s season started earlier, unlike the real Lithuanian car rally championship. The first round of the championship, which had to take place in Utena district, was canceled, but the organizers of the virtual championship decided to hold the competition and thus pay tribute to the event that did not take place. 2021 season of the virtual championship took place in five more rounds, dedicated to events of Kelmė, Viekšniai, Rokiškis, Elektrėnai and Zarasai. The final round of the championship was extremely interesting and important for the participants as it was subject to a odds of 1.5 points. In addition, for the first time in the history of the championship, participants were able to join teams and participate in a team standings.

2021 results

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